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On the Front Line

Marcus is an active community leader, a member of Santa Monica 4 Democracy, Lead Organizer of Black Lives Matter Santa Monica Charter and can frequently be seen protesting injustices all over Los Angeles.

Devoted constituent of SaMo

Marcus has spent a good portion of his life in Santa Monica, where he's had a successful career in hotel management, working with tens of thousands of visitors to the city of Santa Monica every year.

Let's take & give back

We believe it's time that we, the people of Santa Monica take control of our democracy, take a good hard look at where our tax dollars are spent and stop allowing overinflated salaries, police militarization and ineffective leadership and start giving back to the community.

Vision & Mission

A Better Future Today!

We need more love and less violence in the city we hold as progressive.

As I walk down our streets on a daily basis, I see the number of unhoused families and individuals continue to grow, while our Law Enforcement is heavily overfunded. Public Safety is essential and there’s no denying that. However, the salaries towards our Law Enforcement is quite staggering compared to those in our educational institutions.

Under my stewardship, funds from taxpayer dollars will be redirected from the excessive and inflated Law Enforcement budget. These funds will go towards our unhoused neighbors, community outreach, drug rehabilitation, and mental health services. Help me to protect the integrity of our city and not allow our unhoused neighbors to go another night without a roof over their heads.

I pledge to be your voice and better the quality of life for everyone that calls Santa Monica home by actively engaging, listening, and fighting for a safe and biased free community.

I would be honored to have your support.

The Ideal Leader For A Better Tomorrow


Assuring proposed budgets are balanced in the city, reducing excessive funding put in place for the SMPD and reallocating a percentage making room for the necessary community programs and initiatives for the unhoused. Utilizing the reallocated funding to aid expensures to operationalize needed programs.


Creating open communication with the community regarding policies and city changes by developing more outreach and discussion forums. With an entirely open channel for input on city issues. Building partnerships to further connect non-profits with community services and uniting the people clean-up days, community gardening and more.


Welcoming the point of views from all walks of life in regards to policy changes. Enforcing new mandates to combat systemic racism, policies to ensure equal pay, and rights protections for all life including but not limited to Women, LGBTQIA+, and the black community.


Placing ordinances on all new buildings requiring the installation of solar panels and energy efficient appliances in every new commercial and government building, as well as enforcing existing large developments to be retrofitted within 3 years.

Who is Marcus Owens?

City Council hopeful, Marcus Owens is devoted to making an impactful change in the world and ensuring equality for all. He has joined several community organizations within his lifetime. He was born and raised in the beautiful and humble town of Southern California, Bakersfield, where he devoted his time volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club whilst working in the retail industry. Wanting to grow and help more people he decided to relocate to the sunny and beloved City of Los Angeles, California.

While here, it became obvious to him that there’s a large community of unhoused families and individuals. Shortly after moving to South LA, Marcus joined several community organizations including Path LA to work on neighborhood beautification operations, education, and vocational training for the youth and unhoused. A few years later while living in Hollywood, Marcus volunteered as an ambassador for the Los Angeles LGBT Center providing housing and job training to struggling youth in the LGBT community. In Santa Monica, homelessness is a very visible issue and one of the biggest causes Marcus is fighting to change.

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